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Money-Making Farm with Andes
View and Mineral Spring: US$310,000

This Incredible 60-Plus Acre Farm is
Bordered by a River on the North and a
Wide Creek on the East and South


In 20 years of selling property in Mendoza
I have never seen a farm with this much water.
Water is gold in Mendoza, and this incredible
income-producing farm is a rare find. A
portion of the farm is in garlic.

The property totals 60 acres (24 hectares).

The land is not off the beaten path. It is
just 5 kilometers from downtown Tunuyan and
2 kilometers from the famous Route 40, the
wine route celebrated on hats, T-shirts and
memoribilia sold in tourist shops.


The property is bordered by the Rio Tunuyan on
the north, and by the wide clear-water creek
called the Arroyo San Carlos on both the east
and the south.

There is very good canal irrigation for the
crops, and the property also has a registered
mineral spring that runs permanently 24/7.
The owners had a water analysis done that shows
the water has good mineral quality and could
be bottled as spring water.


Currently there are 10 hectares (25 acres) in
garlic production. The owners lease this land
to garlic farmers for US$1,500 per hectare per
year -- or a total of US$15K per year. The
contract is a year-by-year contract.

They have planned to level another 10
hectares (25 acres) to also lease, which would
double leased income. The fertility of the
soil is very good and other annual vegetables
would also do well on the land.

They also have plans to put in a large
retaining pond a little larger than an
Olympic-sized swimming pool at a cost of
about US$30,000 to make irrigation even easier.


The property has lovely views of the river,
the Arroyo San Carlos and the Andes Mountain
range. There is a nice bluff over-looking the
river that would be a wonderful place to build
a house or two, tourist cabins, etc.

There are large lovely poplar trees planted
along the canals and the owners have also
planted new trees that are growing fast.

Some of the land is in natural flora and the
current owners do not plan to plow all of it
under, but rather keep some of it in its
natural state with indigineous plants.
There are fresh-water otter in the creeks
and various types of fish in the river. On
the property itself are fox, jack rabbits,
native birds and other wild animals. There
are large owls that roost in the cliffs
overlooking the river.

PERSONAL NOTE: I walked and drove this
property for a few hours with the owners
and was awed by its beauty, its potential
and water.


View of the Andes Mountains:

Garlic Fields
Currently Leased:

Arroyo San Carlos,
the Creek on Two Sides:

The Rio Tuyuyan
(Tunuyan River:

Permanent Mineral Spring &
One of the Irrigation Canals:

Other Views:

Property Survey

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