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12-Acre Hobby Farm with Vineyard,
Brick House & Room for More Homes

La Usillal, Near San Rafael, Mendoza

This farm is located about 8 miles from San Rafael in a
prime grape region. The farm is in a rebuilding process, because
of neglect in previous years. There are about 10 acres of table wine
grapes, and good brick house and miscellaneous fruit trees like plums
and apricots, apples, pears, etc. It is just under 12 acres in size.


The farm is currently worked part-time by a caretaker who receives
about $150 a month and plows the vineyard with a workhorse which comes
with the finca. Plow, harness and tack are also included.

Last year the farm had under 5,000 kilos of grapes, which is low but
expected to grow each year in volume. Actual production should be
about 4 times this figure, and the farm has been fertilized to help reach
those totals

The farm is located on a dirt road, but has water and electric. The house
is in very good shape, excellent for a worker's home, but has potential with
some upgrades to be a owner's home. It is currently occupied by the caretaker,
who lives there with his wife and one daughter.

The property is fenced, has two nice gates at the front, and a nice view.
there is about 2 acres of fallow land that could also be planted at the back
of the property. That land was previously in alfalfa, which puts nitrogen into
the soil.

There is plenty of room to build two or three houses at the back of the property.

Taxes and water irrigation fees are about $100 per year, so costs are low.
However, this vineyard is not making money. It currently operates at a
small loss -- but that loss is still less than what a similar property would
cost in taxes alone, someplace like the U.S. or Europe. I am going to guess
that it will have a negative cash flow until the grapes start doing better, although
the current owner believes that this year's coming harvest in early 2008 may
put the farm at break-even.

Vineyard Views:

Front Gate & House Photos:

Row of Apricots Along Front of Road:

The Horse & Caretaker:

Fallow land and view of hills overlooking the neighbor's
vineyard from back of farm:

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