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San Rafael & Mendoza, Argentina

Drip Irrigation & Netting!
CALLE LARGA, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 50-acre farm has 42 acres of fine wine Malbec grapes located in Calle Larga near San Rafael. The grape vines are between 8 and 10 years old so all are in full production. The owner currently sells them to the Sierra Pintada wine cooperative ... (more)

View of the Painted Hills!
CUADRO BOMBAL, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- TThis 34-acre farm is located in Cuadro Bombal close to San Rafael at the end of a dead-end road. The farm has about 12 acres of plum trees, 5 acres of walnuts and peaches and nectarines. There are also some mature olive trees. There is an old adobe house with the potential to be renovated, ... (more)

Lots and Lots of Water!
LA LLAVE, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This cattle ranch is located about 25 minutes northeast of San Rafael near the pueblo of La Llave. It totals 500 acres and 250 acres are cleared and leveled and 125 acres are planted. There is an owner's home, a worker's home and an irrigation well ... (more)

Includes Furniture, Tractor, Etc.!
LA LLAVE, SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- This 71-acre farm is about 35 minutes from the city of San Rafael and 15 minutes from the town of Monte Coman. It has 9 acres of Bonarda grapes and a small wine-making operation with equipment that is included ... (more)

Currently Operated as a Tourist Rental!
PUEBLO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This beautiful home on one-half acre (2,000 sq mts) in Pueblo Benegas near San Rafael is currently being operated as a tourism rental property and is garnering top reviews. There are two bedrooms, one bath, with lots of light and large windows to provide spectacular views. A gorgeous pool sits just off the patio. ... (more)

Drip Irrigation & Solar Electric!
LA LLAVE, SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- This well-kept farm is located 30 minutes from the city of San Rafael, Mendoza, and 15 minutes from the town of Monte Coman. It has a guesthouse and 25 acres with 12 acres in walnut trees watered by drip irrigation ... (more)

Tourism Potential - Valle de Uco!
TUNUYAN, MENDOZA -- This property has lovely views of the river, the Arroyo San Carlos and the Andes Mountain range. There is a nice bluff over-looking the river that would be a wonderful place to build a house or two, tourist cabins, etc. ... (more)

Great Cash-Flow Opportunity!
CUADRO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This sale is for two different adjoining properties which can be purchased separately or together. The B&B is priced at US$250K and the vineyard/winery is US$175K. This is an excellent money-maker ... (more)

Renovated Home!
LAS PAREDES, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This organic 15-hectare farm (37 acres) has 8 acres of fine wine grapes -- Cabernet Sauvignon and Bonarda -- and 1 acre of new walnuts between 5 and 7 years old. They produce two types of wine which are sold locally and online. This is a Zone 1 vineyard property with excellent soil, with grapes under expensive netting ... (more)

2 Homes and 12.5 Acres in Alfalfa
This 75-acre farm (30 hectares) just east of San Rafael has a nice 4-bedroom, 2 bath home and a worker's house plus a new 10,000-plus square-foot industrial barn/warehouse that was built in 2019 ... (more)

Lovely Farm Close to Town
SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 27-acre farm is located 15 minutes from San Rafael. It features a nice 2-bed, 1 bath home with a 2-bed guesthouse in a lovely garden setting. Quiet country location off a main highway with access down a pretty garden lane. Beautiful trees, flowers and bushes ... (more)

Extraordinary: Best of the Best!
VALLE DE UCO, MENDOZA -- This vineyard for sale is a turn-key opportunity with farm management in place and wine distribution in 11 countries. The vines range in age from 15 to 75 years old with Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot ... (more)

Includes Farm Equipment
This farm in Cuadro Benegas just outside of San Rafael is fully planted with Malbec and Chardonnay vineyard plus an orchard of French D'Agen plums for prunes. The property has a house for the worker and a small barn. The house is an old adobe structure with two bedrooms and kitchen ... (more)

Profitable Vineyard!
CUADRO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This hobby vineyard is located on 12.3 acres in Cuadro Benegas, a popular area for tourists in San Rafael, Mendoza. An excellent caretaker lives next door to the property and would like to remain on with a new owner ... (more)

With magnificent sunsets and views of the mountains, this 210-acre estate near San Rafael has a beautiful home surrounded by vineyard and over 1/3 ... (more)

SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- Lots of deeded irrigation water (20 hours) on this beautiful farm in the La Correina section of San Rafael, Mendoza. And lots of unrealized potential! This finca ... (more)

Great View of the Sierra Pintadas!
CUADRO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL -- This lovely fully-furnished estate home on 66 acres has been operated as both a private residence and a tourist property in Cuadro Benegas, a popular vacation area. The home is 5,500 square feet (510 sq mts) with 5 bedrooms (en-suite ... (more)

Tourist Income Property!
SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- This 8-acre, 120-year-old estate with lush gardens & plum orchard was built by a military coronel and has great tourist income potential. The central part of the house has adobe walls and the beautiful original parquet flooring enhances the character of the main building ... (more)

Owner Get 750 Bottles of Wine Annually!
CUADRO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This lovely pool home -- with a view of the Sierra Pintadas (Painted Hills) and beautiful sunsets over the vineyards -- has a boutique winery on site that elaborates your personal grapes into wine. The 2-bedroom, 2-bath home is 1,184 square feet ... (more)

Includes Home & 2 Barns!
LA NORA, SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- This 11-hectare (28 acre) farm with home has nearly 15 acres in grapes and 5 acres of plums under netting. Grape varieties include bonarda, torontes riojano, malbec and cabernet franc. Most are under netting. The plums are D'Agen plums for drying. The 1720-square-foot house ... (more)

Located Five Minutes from the Airport!
SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- This 9-hectare (22 acre) farm on a paved road just outside San Rafael has 7 hectares (17 acres of plums in good production. Italo has peaches and some walnut trees. There is a brick home on the property in good condition that can be easily renovated to serve as an owner's home. It has a kitchen-dining room, 2 bedrooms and a large storage area for a vehicle or farm equipment ... (more)

Won #2 Wine in the World!
MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- The winery for sale has produced award-winning wine in international competitions, and also makes third-party wine for some of the best wineries in Argentina. It has complete wine-making equipment and facilities, including refrigeration equipment, stainless steel tanks, a laboratory, a tasting room and a restaurant with tables and ... (more)

Possible Bottled Mineral Water Operation
PUNTA DE AGUA, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- Campo Los Patos is 904 hectares (2,232 acres) in Punta del Agua, a green oasis in the desert located at an altitude of about 1,640 feet with surging mineral springs. It is located near Cerro Nevado, which stands 12,500 feet and serves to protect the area from winds and storms. ... (more)

Two Houses Plus Pool!
CUADRO NACIONAL, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- This well-kept working estate winery for sale has 20-year-old vines plus 10 acres of olives, 7 acres plums and more than 300 other fruit and nut trees. Has two homes, a quincho, a pool and is just 20 minutes from San Rafael. It can produce 113,000 bottles per year and has won double-gold ... (more)

Beautiful! Lots of Potential!
LOS CLAVELES, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- This package is comprised of two farms totaling 450 acres. Parcel A is a 72-hectare farm (177 Acres) of fallow land ready to be farmed or utilized for horses or cattle, etc. Apt for grapes, fruit orchard ... (more)

Tourist Development Potential!
25 DE MAYO, MENDOZA -- This property for sale is 17 acres in the popular tourist pueblo of 25 de Mayo. The ruins of the historic Don Pio Ara Bodega and Almacen are located on the site, which has a great historic significance as the second oldest winery in San Rafael ... (more)

Incredible Potential!
Located just about 20 minutes from town, this ranch property for sale has good potential for horses or cattle. Soil is very good and the farm could be put into vineyard, orchard or other agriculture common to the area ... (more)

Home Comes Fully Furnished!
This property includes US$50K in furnishings, vehicles, tools and equipment. 25 acres are in grapes with another 25 acres which can ... (more)

Georgeous Vineyard Property!
This vineyard for sale just minutes from town is in a great location near the Nevado Golf Course, airport and the Bianchi Champagne Winery. This 24-acre farm (9.7 hectares) has a nice home, guest house, a solar-heated pool and 20 acres of well-kept vineyard. ... (more)

Piped in Mineral Water!
GENERAL ALVEAR, ARGENTINA -- This ranch property for sale has five windmills with pumps for water, plus both standard electric and three-phase electric at the road, which is an asphalt highway. The entire property is fenced, and there are two worker houses in need of repair. There is also access to piped in mineral water from Punta del Agua at the corner of the property ... (more)

Altitude of 2,785 Feet
LOS CORONELES, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- This real estate for sale is 50 fenced acres of undeveloped campo land in Cuadro Benegas. Populated by native plants, the land icludes trees like poplars, figs and other varieties. The land has deeded water rights for 12.5 acres and is served by internal canals. ... (more)

Bitcoin Land Sales: An increasing number of Argentine land owners are accepting bitcoin for land and residential purchases.

25 Acres: Excellent Tourist Potential!
SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This malbec vineyard for sale with old colonial pool home is located very close to the Nevado Golf Club, Mumm Winery, Bianchi Winery, the airport and other major Mendoza tourist stops. Priced low in this area with potential for farm income plus tourism. The finca's brick barn ... (more)

Reduced by US$25,000!
COLONIA GELMAN, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This vineyard for sale with orchard farm yields an average of 185,000 kilos of grapes and 40,000 kilos of plums per year. Excellently-maintained by the family owner-operators since the 1970s ... (more)

Desirable Area!
SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 14.8 acre farm is located in Rama Caida, a tourist area where folks build weekend homes. It is located just off the route to Valle Grande which is dotted with wineries, restaurants, and the Rio Atuel River with river-rafting, camping, hotels, horse-back riding, a zip-line, etc. The property has ... (more)

Located on Asphalt!
SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This property is about 345 hectares (850 acres) on Route 146 just 15 to 20 minutes outside of town. The land has water rights for 120 acres and would be suited for agriculture, cattle and ... (more)

SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA -- Located on the edge of town, minutes from the city center, this beautiful little farm with a large owner home (3,100 sq. ft.) gets guests via Google and, but also has income from 5 acres of olives and walnuts. ... (more)

CUADRO BENEGAS, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This beautiful 17 hectare (42 acre) farm for sale has 5 hectares (12.5 acres) of malbec vineyard under netting with drip irrigation. There are specatacular views of the Sierra Pintadas -- all different depending on where you stand. Located near the multi-million dollar ... (more)

Owners Invested $1.5 Million!
LAS PAREDES, SAN RAFAEL -- Three Separate Farms: Top-quality grapes in a great location, the owners invested US$1.5 million in infrastructure, but health and advancing age force a sale ... (more)

SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 25-acre farm (10 hectares) has 8.5 acres of cabernet sauvignon grapes under netting plus another 3.4 acres of table grapes (eating grapes) without netting. Located ... (more)

SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 14.6-acre farm (5.9 hectares)in Canada Seca near San Rafael is the perfect opportunity for those looking to live in a pastoral area with close proximity to all amenities and services and yet have the feel of an idyllic countryside setting with municiple water & electric ... (more)

SAN RAFAEL, MENDOZA, ARGENTINA -- This 25.9-acre farm (10.5 hectares) just southeast of San Rafael has 22 acres of plums plus 3 acres of merlot grapes and some apricots. It has a fruit-drying facility, with racks for sun-drying, a wood-oven for oven-drying and a facility for fruit-preservation ... (more)

Includes 2 Tractors and Implements!
ALGARROBAL, SAN RAFAEL -- This property for sale in Mendoza, Argentina, consists of 30 hectares (74 acres) with three deeded parcels in Algarrobal, located about 20 minutes from San Rafael. The entire property is fenced, with two houses and electric and municipal water. One is a house for workers ... (more)

GOUDGE, SAN RAFAEL, ARGENTINA -- This 56 hectares of Argentina farm land for sale is in Goudge. The farm land has full water rights and a total of 23.75 (58.5 acres) planted. Along with the vineyard and plums there is a worker house in good shape and a brick barn in good condition ... (more)

SOLD -- This incredible "Casa de Campo" property designed by an award-winning film producer is a small ranch with vineyard potential located about 25 minutes from San Rafael in the wine and vineyard country of Mendoza. The farm, in pasture with horses ... (more)

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